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    Tairāwhiti this summer

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We all know how busy Tairāwhiti gets at certain times of the year

Anytime there is a concert or festival, the place is buzzing with people experiencing a slice of our paradise! (Rhythm & Vines and Gisborne Wine & Food Festival we’re looking at you).

While we love the happening vibe, booking yourself into East Coast and Gisborne accommodation can feel like a race to the finish when you’re not staying with local friends or whānau. Never fear, we’ve got all the ways and means below find that perfect accommodation experience that will make for an epic stay in Tairāwhiti.

Browse all the options online

If you’re just starting to think about your accommodation, well ahead of time, have a browse on our Accommodation page to see what catches your eye. Every Tairāwhiti establishment out there is on this page, with accommodation options that cater to every budget and style. Luxury lodge? Budget-friendly backpackers? Secluded spot up the Coast? Early birds get the worm (or bed)!

Call the i-SITE

If places are starting to become booked up, it is sometimes easier to simply call the Gisborne i-SITE and ask the friendly team there where to stay. In the busy periods, accommodation providers will let the i-SITE know if they have beds become available. You can then check the place out on the Accommodation page and see if it's to your liking. This will save you a lot of time and stress, and get your holiday sorted.

Gisborne i-SITE, 209 Grey St, Gisborne.

Phone 0800 GISBORNE or 06 868 6139

Freedom camping

Why not eschew the soft bed and roof over your head, for the more exciting, adventurous option of freedom camping? The East Coast has a wealth of freedom camping options on world-class beaches or parkland, and lets you feel like you are really getting away from it all. In winter, just turn up with your tent or camper, but in summer many of the spots still require you to have a paid permit, and remember with freedom camping it’s first in, first served. Check out the rules here and the stunning locations here.


We hope this helps you with the task of booking accommodation in Tairāwhiti so you can get on to the more exciting stuff: Tairāwhiti’s unique experiences, the sun, surf, outdoors, wine or the festival you’ve been looking forward to!